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Site History

Teh.geek.nz was a gift to me for my 23rd birthday... it was somewhat belated but VERY welcome all the same :)

The name itself is a deliberate misspelling of "the" as I'm sure you'd figured out, and was the coolest of the remaining domains that I could find in the .geek.nz 2ld (I spent hours looking one night when I was working at Datacom)
I'd mentioned the domain to Nick (Jimminy), Dee (OY636) and Jeff (Wasabi2k) in passing... apparently they are good at hints ;) as 2 days after mentioning it to Nick it had been registered by Terry (BlackV) and was being hosted on a box belonging to Seton (Trvln Nalzmn), where it sat for the duration of it's original ownership.
A quick rattle round must have been done because there were other names on the page that greeted me when I was meant to see it.

Approximate chronology of events to date:

  • 2003.08.28 - .geek.nz 2ld goes live. 270 domains registered in the first hour alone. 99.999% of the good ones are gone
  • 2003.08.31 - I remember that .geek.nz has happened, and go look to see what decent domains are still available.. there aren't many.
  • ~2003.09.05 - Mentioned the availability of this domain to Nick and Dee in the car. Nick had me thinking he'd register it for use as part of GeekNZ
  • 2003.09.07 - Terry registers the domain.
  • 2003.09.08 - My actual birthday (23 yrs)
  • 2003.09.09 - I notice that the domain has been registered, having checked because talking to Nick made me think about it, Nick's comment? "you SAW NOTHING"
  • 2003.09.10 - A simple Test page goes up, not sure what date I noticed it.
  • 2003.09.30 - After weeks of failing to get Jeff to make a page, Nick gets Dee to make a page to present it to me, and points me at it. Elation ensues :)
  • 2003.10.04 - I miserably fail to come up with a design that looks okay and for some reason decided that my old ISP page would not be brought over. Create a fugly yellow and red starburst design.
  • 2003.10.06 - Sanity returns. A clean/simple/dark layout gets produced.
  • 2004.07.02 - web.archive.org took it's last archive of my teh.geek.nz
  • 2005.10.20 - Date at the top of the page from the first archive of the other guy's teh.geek.nz. We were meant to get the domain into my name before it expired, but that never happened due to profound laziness on the parts of myself and Terry. As a result, the day it expired (not sure exact date) it was re-registered by someone else.
  • 2010.05.11 - I noticed that the site was no longer registered at all.
  • 2010.05.13 - Registered teh.geek.nz again. This time in my name!
  • 2010.05.29 - Got a slightly lighter version built and uploaded. Moving the design into the 21st century and using CSS
  • 2010.06.24 - Added some much needed colour, and an image randomizer
  • 2014.09.xx - Unsure of exact date. Server hosting my domain was shut down (the perils of free hosting)
  • 2015.02.04 - Worked out how to move the site to Google Sites, initiated creation of the site on Google systems - No progress yet on getting all the pages across the main horizontal nav bar
And still I have no idea what I'm doing with the site :)